Mischen Ltd has more than 30 years experience in the automotive industry working with the most prestigious of brands, including BMW, McLaren, Aston Martin, Toyota, Lexus and Bentley.  We have also developed and produced systems for truck and van manufacturers including Scania, Hino and VW.

Technology has moved forward at pace over the years and Mischen Ltd had focused on staying ahead of the curve to remain one of the industry leaders for innovation and solutions. In the early days the business focused largely on rear-seat entertainment and front-end infotainment for private vehicles, SUVs and MPVs.

This has evolved and now includes ADAS systems, cameras, sensors, DVR devices, Wifi and 4G enabled products. We continue to focus on quality and innovative solutions specific to the requirements of each market sector. Our product portfolio now includes kits for private vehicles, buses, trucks, vans and excavators.

Our History